Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rabbit #1

I made a prediction a few months ago that rabbits would be big this year. It's just a feeling I had based on some of the movies coming out, which may or may not come true. Then I was browsing ebay and typed in paper mache and came across this rabbit selling for over $600. Perhaps it was some sort of collectible or antique that people recognized, but it made me decide I needed to figure out how to make some paper mache rabbits to try and sell.
I managed to figure out a way to make a basic rabbit design where the entire creature could be made in under a week with it's assembling and drying. The head, arms, legs, and body are all made from newspaper strip paper mache. Once assembled and dry, the entire rabbit was covered with tissues dipped in paper mache glue, then painted. The tail is an actual cotton ball that was glued on.
Bunny Profile
I have several more rabbits in the works, being that I can make these relatively quickly. Perhaps the design will evolve a bit as they progress.

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