Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Fish #2: The One Eyed Goldfish

One Eyed Goldfish
The Story: After years of raising millions of ten cent goldfish in their stores, Petsmart realized they had a problem. After far too many generations of fish and far too little genetic diversity, these low cost goldfish started to mutate. The size and teeth came first. These fish started growing ten times their normal size in a matter of weeks, and thin sharp teeth started growing in their mouths. These goldfish were once sold as a feeder fish, but now they were the ones eating all the other fish. And then the really weird mutations started happening, like in this particular one-eyed cyclops goldfish. The Petsmart corporate offices were at a loss at what to do with these monster fish, but then someone finally had the bright idea that solved the problem. Sell them to fast food restaurants for fish sandwiches...
One Eyed Goldfish
I made the goldfish almost entirely out of paper mache. The body is made from recycled newspaper dipped in glue, then covered with tissue and painted. The eye is printed onto photo paper and the teeth are toothpicks.
One Eyed Goldfish

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Rabbit #1

I made a prediction a few months ago that rabbits would be big this year. It's just a feeling I had based on some of the movies coming out, which may or may not come true. Then I was browsing ebay and typed in paper mache and came across this rabbit selling for over $600. Perhaps it was some sort of collectible or antique that people recognized, but it made me decide I needed to figure out how to make some paper mache rabbits to try and sell.
I managed to figure out a way to make a basic rabbit design where the entire creature could be made in under a week with it's assembling and drying. The head, arms, legs, and body are all made from newspaper strip paper mache. Once assembled and dry, the entire rabbit was covered with tissues dipped in paper mache glue, then painted. The tail is an actual cotton ball that was glued on.
Bunny Profile
I have several more rabbits in the works, being that I can make these relatively quickly. Perhaps the design will evolve a bit as they progress.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Finished Fish #1

Fishy Face
I didn't like the first paint job that my fish got. It looked too tropical, so I gave him a few more coats.
Glub Glub
Fish Tail
Nothing is sacred, so in case anyone is interested, Mr. Fish is up for sale on Etsy!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Fish #1

I just finished building a paper mache fish. It was constructed out of paper mache over crumpled newspaper shapes, then assembled and covered with tissue paper mache. I'm not exactly happy with the way the final paint job came out, so there may still be some changes...


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